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Total Recall of T8 AMT

Mahindra TUV 300 Long Term Ownership Reviews
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Total Recall of T8 AMT

Postby Pratap » 27 Jan 2017, 21:01

Bought fully loaded TUV300 AMT last year in February, just clocked 30K and took for service. Like everyone who bought the same variant I am also facing similar problems with my vehicle. Moreover I'm now getting new problem there's a huge gear disengage noise when moving from neutral/N to 1st gear/A1 or when slowing down and again pushing the acceleration from A1 and this is happening in both Automatic and Manual mode, vehicle does not move and the noise of gears disengagement is so loud that sometime I fear that the whole engine will come apart...trust me. On second attempt it works fine for which you need to again go back to N and then A1.
This new problem started immediately after I took the vehicle back after 30K service, for service I paid close to Rs7K. Vehicle is given back to Mahindra dealer service center (M/s.Automotive Manufacturer Pvt.Ltd at Maddlipalem) on 25th Jan'17 and they are still working on it. 
I haven't got a replacement vehicle yet. I'll wait and watch and if the result is not satisfactory enough trust me guy's I'll sue Mahindra for millions of dollars for putting my life to risk. Mahindra should recall all it's T8 AMT sold till date and apologies to it's customers or give them option to upgrade to XUV 500 full automatic with minimum price.

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Re: Total Recall of T8 AMT

Postby manismailbox » 01 Nov 2018, 20:59

I had jerking issue on day of delivery and then car was with Mahendra for 3 weeks! Now another issue. Vacuum modulator replaced. Jerking again started. Went to workshop several times. Now jerking stopped but vehicle suddenly stops responding and gets stuck on road. All vehicles behind me abusing me. Have to switch off and on. Works in one or two attempt but again stops. While overtaking it stopped responding to accelerator!!! Major accident chances are there. What to do? Going to consumer court will help?

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