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TUV300 Review after completing 15k

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TUV300 Review after completing 15k

Postby Vinodsharma79 » 03 Jan 2018, 22:32

Hi, Friends,

My review after driving 15k tuv300 t8 manual :-

1. Driving :- Very Nice driving experience. You get commanding posture and it is pleasure to drive it on highways. I went on long drives many times on highway and longest stretch was from Delhi to Gangotri Uttrakhand and recently Delhi to Amritsar. Far better experience than my previous cars Desire and Etios. Only one thing to mention here that it is not soft like Etios but considering its weight and height I don't mind it.

2. Average : 12 to 13 kms per ltr in city and 15-16k on highway.

3. Service Experience : Did first service with Prime Mahindra and second with service with Koncept Mahindra. Koncept is better and really responsive. Far better than Maruti's service centre. I did lots of tests to check if my tuv has wheel spining issue as it was mentioned by many on this tuv club but there is no such issue.

4. Service cost :. First service cost was around Rs. 2.5k and second was Rs. 8.1k however both were free services. Infact made complain about it to Mahindra during feedback call and to service advisor too but they explained the IInd service cost is higher bcoz Mahindra changes gear oil, defencer oil, does alignment etc. They confirmed 3rd service is likely to be 4-5k.

Overall I would say it is value for money car. It is true tough utility vehicle. I drove it 8 passagener without any feel of vehicle lacking on power and through bumpy roads too. So far experience with Mahindra customer support is also good bcoz I tested it by making complain to customer care about service cost.

Mahindra fitted speakers are not at all good want to replace it with JBL. Pls do let me know your experience with speakers of the car.

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Re: TUV300 Review after completing 15k

Postby Fritzie » 06 Feb 2018, 00:43

Hi Vinidsharma

I am living in South Africa. My TUV is also nearing 15 000 kms and my experience is almost identical to yours even the the fuel economy. Very happy with it!

I changed the standard speakers to Rockford Fosgate (much better. Did not opt for an amplifier) and kept the standard speakers for when I am trading it in on another TUV300! Hopefully a TUV300 Plus if it ever comes to South Africa. The 2.2 Mhawk in a TUV will be a beaut!

Take care

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