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RPM Goes Down When Gear is Engaged

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Re: RPM Goes Down When Gear is Engaged

Postby clamfrog82 » 29 Oct 2016, 19:56

Hi Ankur,
There is nothing wrong is asking questions bro.
The reason why I said to replace these parts is these parts are known to fail in the TUV. Even Mahindra is aware of this pretty well. They are silently calling up customers and replacing the parts rather than doing a public mass recall and replacing them as this will hurt the TUV brand.
Ask your service center if there is any recall notice against your car's chassis number or VIN.
Very rarely does Mahindra call up the customer and ask to replace unless customers go to the service center having one complaint or the other.
If you notice any symptoms in your TUV like excess engine noise, engine suddenly losing power, Check engine light coming on, hissing sound coming from the engine bay etc, go to service center and pester them about any recall notice issued against your car.
If there is a recall notice against your car's chassis number or VIN, replace the faulty parts and mention that Mahindra is already aware of these problems through various forums.

Usually resonators, vacuum modulators, fuel delivery modules last for a very long time unless there is an inherent design flaw. Mahindra is reported to have improved the fuel delivery module's float and motor to better tolerances in the new batches of TUV. So if they are replacing these in your TUV, I think you won't have to replace them for a long time to come.

Don't get worried too much as there are other TUVs on the roads from earlier batches which are running without any problem. Also, Mahindra is providing good support to TUV customers who are facing problems with their vehicles.

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