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Heavy on fuel, loud engine noise

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Heavy on fuel, loud engine noise

Postby Vonniej » 20 Apr 2017, 12:59

Hi all, hope someone has some advice for me.

I have my new TUV300 for about 2 months now. My car was just perfect but then a month ago a whistling sound came from the engine, the fuel consumption got very high to a point where I get 10km/lt. My car has been to the dealership now for the 5th time. They had to replace the sensors, gearbox mounting and the turbo, and still the car sounds like a tractor and fuel consumption is very high!!!

Does anyone else have this problem and have this problem been resolved??

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Re: Heavy on fuel, loud engine noise

Postby Sathishravya » 22 Apr 2017, 09:19

Get the Vacuum Modulator checked and if possible get it replaced. This may be the cause.


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