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Suggest HeadLight Upgrade

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Suggest HeadLight Upgrade

Postby CautionDriveSlow » 24 May 2017, 18:09

Hi TUVians,

Have done Headlight Adjustments at service Center for better visibility, But still the same. Visibility is not at all good. Not sure,Whether Headlight Design has to be blamed. Anyone facing the same issue.

It is becoming very difficult to drive on Highways, Please suggest what has to been done to rectify this issue.


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Re: Suggest HeadLight Upgrade

Postby maddykarthik090 » 05 Jul 2017, 19:50

Hello SHRI,

1. Did the service member only has adjusted or changed any bulbs ? If not, try change the bulb and check the FUSE component either.

2. You have not mentioned your road and climatic condition by when you 're facing the Issues with ? If rainy and mud particles will be accumulated on the road, lights will be blurred and visibility will become poorer as you go by.

3. I hope, you owe T8, try toggling on with FOG alongside with the headlights, you would feel better.

4. Else, ask SA to drive to change the bulbs with new one and you would feel free from this.



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