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Changing tyre size

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Changing tyre size

Postby psyntist » 03 Nov 2018, 06:11

I was wondering if i could fit tyres of bigger width than the stock on my 2016 T8 TUV 300?

Please advise if there would be any issue post this customization. Also, if it's an issue what would be the work around to get this change done?

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Re: Changing tyre size

Postby ranjitsmilewithu » 20 Mar 2019, 16:15

I guess you need to change the shocks as well then because TUV300 needs a lift to fit bigger tyres. I tried fitting 235/75 R15 tyres but they were scratching the front bumpers, had to fit the same size again 215/75 R15 :(

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